Useful Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Death


This Is How You Can Soothe Your Worries about Mortality

This Is How You Can Soothe Your Worries about Mortality

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Many of us have led busy good lives, with a dense network of friends, colleagues and relatives. Most people are eager about the future, looking forward to live more years or decades with their loved ones in the places they love the most. However, starting from the age of 50, some people tend to worry excessively about their mortality and even fear death. Yet, death is part of our nature and we must all accept it. In this article, we’ll tackle this issue in a more detailed manner, providing helpful tips to ease your worries about death.

Embrace Positivity

Embrace Positivity

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You should spend more time with those who make you feel happy. Challenge yourself and don’t think twice about trying new things. While you must engage in positive activities, you’ll have to avoid anything that can lead you to feel dissatisfied, including a boring job or a toxic relationship. Seize every opportunity to do the right thing. If there’s a person you should talk to, just call them. You may or may not have more years to live and enjoy, so you’d better spend your precious time with the right people. Your fear of death might actually be a fear of living the life you don’t deserve. But, it’s never too late to work towards your dreams. To dispel your fear of death, you’ll have to embrace positivity.

Learn to Accept Death

Learn to Accept Death

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It’s important to accept that we’re only a part of a larger cycle. Everybody must go through conception, birth and death. You’ll certainly find more comfort when you acknowledge this fact. Some people were able to tolerate the idea that they will die someday, by putting a value on their numerous contributions to our world. Living should be perceived as a privilege; you should be grateful for your life and accept that death will eventually come. Many writers have discussed the subject of death, sharing their thoughts and musings on this matter. Likewise, philosophers, mystics and religious leaders have written extensively about the afterlife. Although these works might not reveal with certainty what will happen beyond earthly life, they can direct your attention to equally important subjects, focusing on the essence of our existence.

Adopt Rituals

 light a candle every morning

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Even if you’re not religious, adopting rituals can help you realize that life is meaningful. Whether you go for a walk in the afternoons, light a candle every morning, or take a moment in your day to focus on your emotional life, a ritual can exert a positive impact on the way you perceive life and death. If you feel curious about the religious practices of your family, or any interesting spiritual ideas, don’t hesitate to explore them. Questions about the afterlife might seem awkward, but they’re not. Similar questions often lead people to a better understanding of their faith, and many other aspects of their lives.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keep Yourself Busy


Very simple things can help you lead a positive, healthier life. You don’t have to make a huge effort to alleviate your fear of death and enjoy more positivity. For instance, you can add simple changes to your lifestyle, making a commitment to take a short walk every afternoon regardless of the weather changes. When applied consistently, simple actions can bring about powerful effects. Try to explore new or old overlooked passions. Moreover, you can make a list containing all the important things you wish to do while you’re still alive. Remember, when you keep yourself busy around the clock, you’ll have less time to fear death.

Secure Your Legacy

Secure Your

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When it comes to death, most people tend to ask questions that are philosophical or religious in principle. However, they often neglect more practical concerns. We’re not able to control when and how we’ll kick the bucket, but we can still do a few things about what we’ll leave behind. Some people experienced a tremendous relief after securing their legacy and making their wishes clear, even if they knew that they may still have a long life to live. Other individuals who were able to quell their fear of death affirmed that living an authentic, passionate and healthy life is the key to ease your worries. So, it might be a good idea to plan for your passing and confront your worries.

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