Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Ended


Seek a quick exit from your relationship in these cases

Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Ended

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Romantic relationships are quite complex; they require a great deal of effort, dedication and consistency from both parties. Besides, there is no one-fits-all approach; each couple has unique characteristics and requirements.

Staying in a relationship where you’re not happy will damage your emotional and mental well-being. Following below are the most common relationship deal breaker signs:

No reciprocation:

No reciprocation

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If your partner does not reciprocate your love, care and appreciation, it’s a plain indicator that you need to run for your life. How would you know? Easy-peasy! When you are the one who starts conversations, plans date nights and travels, initiates family gatherings, and makes future goals for the relationship, you have to stop for a moment and think whether it’s worthwhile. You might find that you’re just wasting your time with someone who doesn’t want to commit.

Partnership is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship, meaning that both partners should invest much time and energy to make the relationship work.

Lack of communication:

Lack of communication:

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Unless your partner is a mind reader, communication is of paramount importance to the success of your relationship. Therefore, if you cannot communicate your thoughts and feelings with ease, you should take an easy way out from the relationship.

Sharing your emotions, fears and insecurities with your partner requires a considerable amount of mutual trust and care. As the famous expression states, “sharing is caring”. So, if you feel you can’t communicate, because your partner might criticize or ignore you, you should know that you’re not in a healthy relationship and it’s probably time to find an emergency exit from this relationship.

Lack of support:

Lack of support:

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As human beings, we all need moral and emotional support from our family, friends and loved ones. In case your accomplice is not there for you in harsh times, they don’t deserve to be with you in your happy times. Thus, if you feel your partner does not stand by your side when you are anxious or ill, or does not support a career or hobby you want to pursue, or you feel you spend time alone or with your friends and family more than with your partner, rest assured that your relationship is not likely to culminate in success.

Refusal to spend time with your friends of family:

Refusal to spend time with your friends of family

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Refusing to meet or spend time with your friends and family is a red flag sign that your partner is unable to see a future with you. Actually, couples should share everything, including the time spent with their loved ones.

Quick dating advice: if your significant other avoids spending some time with your family or makes excuses not to attend a family gathering or a big event, it’s time to find an exit route.

A perfect partner should respect your family members and friends, should not mind spending some time with them, even if your parents don’t approve of him/her or they don’t really get along so well.

Codependency :


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Of course, being with someone you love should make you happy, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t retain your independence and individuality. Once you start to derive your happiness from the existence of your partner and the status of your relationship, you become codependent on your other half.
Therefore, you should have your own interests and passions, and learn to enjoy your time alone or with your friends and family.
That being said, your personal happiness and well-being should never depend merely on your relationship with your partner. This will prevent certain unhealthy feelings of possessiveness, excessive jealousy and insecurity.

Are there any other signs you would add to this list? Share your own dating advice with us!


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