Unexpected Signs Of Depression


Beware of these hidden signs of depression

Beware of these hidden signs of depression1

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Depression is a dangerous illness that wreaks havoc on your physical and mental wellness. Regardless of your age, gender, social class or religious beliefs, you are not immune to depression.

While feeling sad and lonely are the most common signs of depression, there are some underlying symptoms you need to know about:

Irritability and aggressiveness:

Irritability and aggressiveness

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If you notice that you have become easily irritated and agitated, and you behave aggressively towards your family and friends, it may be a sign of an impending depression. Actually, once things that do not usually irritate you are triggering extreme anger, it’s probably because you’re dealing with occasional mood swings. So, constant irritability is one of the subtle signs of depression, Counsellor Elizabeth Black of the Renfrew Centre explains.

Of course, it may be difficult to remain composed, patient and compassionate towards people who irritate you, and thereby, more difficult to determine when it is a telltale sign of depression, she confirms.

You’re nostalgic about the past:

You’re nostalgic about the past

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Revisiting your memories from time to time is a natural thing to do, but living in your past may signal a more serious issue. As a matter of fact, psychologist Dr. Sal Raichbach declares that depression sufferers long for their good old days, and seek refuge in these as a way to cope with their reality. For this reason, an individual who grapples with depression might feel good for a brief period of time, then return to their sadness when they lose someone, or something in their lives changes. In other words, the enjoyable moments they draw from their memories bring a transient feeling of happiness.

You lack concentration:

You lack concentration:

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Psychologist Dr. Cindy Graham states that depression and the negative thoughts associated with it, make it hard for people who suffer from this illness to maintain concentration when carrying certain daily activities, such as work. More often than not, the lack of concentration is mistakenly diagnosed as ADHD, short for attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder. This occurs because medical professionals are negligent of the negative thoughts that cast gloom over your mind. That being said, if you struggle to concentrate on your usual tasks and keep thinking about negative things, you might want to take a trip to your psychologist.

Your private time makes you anxious:

Your private time makes you anxious

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While the vast majority of adults wait for their parents to leave home to enjoy some time alone, either resting, chatting or watching their favorite TV show without fighting over the remote control. However, if a person suffers from depression, they do not enjoy their private time. On the contrary, it causes them anxious and stress. According to Dr. Graham, having the opportunity to stay alone and enjoy some private moments may feel nice and refreshing for the majority of people of different age groups. Yet, the lack of plans would make someone who suffers from depression anxious and insecure.

You feel guilty:

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The American Psychological Association (APA) confirms that the inaccurate and excessive feeling of guilt may be a reason to sound the alarm. Indeed, feeling guilty about a mistake that happened in your workplace, or something you have no control over may stem from depression. For instance, unfounded guilt and self-blame may occur because of company’s low performance, even when the whole market has downturned, and other competitors encounter the same situations.
Bear in mind that the symptoms mentioned on this list are not inclusive. Thus, you definitely get yourself checked if you present with one or more of these signs.

Do you happen to experience any of these signs? Leave a comment, we might be able to help you



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