Psychological tricks to read people like a pro


Here’s how you can read people

Psychological tricks to read people like a pro

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No, it’s not about reading minds, like Edward of Twilight. This article teaches you how to analyze facial expressions and bodily gestures, as well as read beyond words to know what people really want to say, even when they say otherwise. Let’s dig in:

Pay attention to appearance:

Most people believe that appearances are often deceptive

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Most people believe that appearances are often deceptive, but in fact, they are not. Analyzing people’s appearance helps you shape a better perception of their personality. So, pay attention to what they are wearing; are they dressed for success, which means they are ambitious, or are they wearing jeans and T-shirt for comfort? Are they wearing a pendant with a religious sign, which indicates their spiritual values? No matter what people wear, you can get a hint from it.

Besides, Sam Gosling, a personality psychologist at the University of Texas and author of Snoop confirms that you should consider identity claims, like T-shirts with slogans, tattoos or rings. Usually, these are deliberate statements about attitudes, goals, and values.

Focus on posture:

Focus on posture:

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In psychology, everything reveals a particular aspect of human personality, with the inclusion of people’s posture. If you want to read people like a pro, try to analyze their posture in order to discover more about their attitude.

For instance, if someone talks with their head high, it means they are highly confident. According to Judith Orloff M.D In Psychology Today, when it comes to posture, try to remark whether the person is holding their head high in a confident way, or whether they cower or walk indecisively. If this is the case, the person is showing signs of low self-esteem.

Analyze physical movements:

Focus on posture:

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Aside from words, people express their emotions through movements. For example, if you are talking to someone you like, you tend to lean towards them, while you lean away from the people you don’t like.

If people’s hands are out and open, palms facing up, they are connecting with you. When the person is leaning away, it means they are putting up a barrier between you two.
Likewise, arm and leg crossing means defensiveness, anger or self-protection. If you notice that the person was leaning in and suddenly crossed their hands, it means you have said something they didn’t like.

Hiding hands means they are hiding something, and if they display lip biting or cuticle picking, they are trying to escape an awkward situation.

Observe facial expressions:

Observe facial expressions:

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Your face explicitly expresses your emotional state. But if you happen to master the poker face, there are plenty of techniques to analyze facial expressions:

If you notice deep frown lines, it means the person you are talking to is worried or anxious.
Pursed lips are signs of anger, hate or bitterness. Whereas a clenched jaw and teeth grinding indicate tension.

Besides, you should know that smiles could be classified under three main categories:
Reward smile: This indicates positive feedback. Description: Lips pulled directly upwards, dimples at the sides of the mouth and eyebrows lift.

Affiliative smile: This indicates liking. Description: Pressing lips together while also making little dimples at the side of the mouth.

Dominance smile: This smile shows dominance. Description: Upper lip is raised and cheeks get pushed upwards, the nose gets wrinkled, indentation between the nose and mouth deepens and raised upper lids

Don’t forget to watch people’s eyes:

Don’t forget to watch people’s eyes:

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The eyes are a small window to the soul, which means your emotions will be etched in your eyes. So, don’t forget to look into people’s eyes.

When you gaze deep into the eyes of the person you are talking to, do you see a caring soul? Do you feel they are mean, angry or sad?

Besides, just a mere look at a person’s eyes can help you detect whether they are lying or telling the truth. On top of that, you can spot what people like and dislike from their eyes, since a person’s pupil dilates when they are talking to someone they like.

Do you have any other tricks to read people in your arsenal? Share them with us in the comments!



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