5 Useful Ways To Benefit From Stress, Psychologists Say


Discover How You Can Get the Most Out of Stress

Discover How You Can Get the Most Out of Stress

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Stress won’t be a threat if you were able to think of it as a challenge. According to psychologists, a great deal of energy often comes along with stress, leading to more focus rather than fear. While releasing the stress hormones, you can access your physical and mental resources more easily. In fact, stress can enhance your concentration, increase your self confidence, and boost your performance. There’s a lot to gain from challenges. You’ll only need to learn how to use them to your advantage.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

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We may all experience a setback at some point in life. While some of us may quickly overcome considerable challenges, others will struggle to handle them. A number of well-known figures suffered severe hardships before achieving fame. The success story of Oprah Winfrey is a good example. Oprah had a difficult childhood, as she was born to a single mother and raised in poverty. Just like her mother, she also became pregnant as a teenager. Today, she’s among the world’s richest and most successful people. In addition to the enormous wealth she was able to acquire, Oprah gained the admiration of so many people in the US and overseas. With strong inner sources, Oprah managed to overcome huge challenges and deal successfully with life obstacles.

Adjusting Schedules

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Most of the times, planning and organization are associated with a myriad of benefits. However, sticking to a rigid schedule could be counterproductive. Many people fall into a strict routine, but constant life changes require more flexibility. Although you might enjoy certain places and activities, you should always be willing to explore new things. This will definitely enhance your adaptability to new environments and increase your chances of personal as well as professional development. Moreover, rigid schedules can limit your creativity, since you’ll probably keep doing the same things over and over. Consider allowing yourself more flexibility; there’s no harm in trying new stuff once in a while.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

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In today’s modern world, change has become a necessity. Small changes often go unnoticed, but major changes must be handled carefully. Nevertheless, this depends highly on the personality of each individual and the nature of this change. Moreover, trying new things could be the only way to know for sure whether you’re comfortable with the things you have in your life or not. In fact, some big changes could lead to great results. For instance, some individuals tend to stick to their jobs for years, just because they became used to the type of work they usually handle. But, a career change might be an opportunity to develop your skills and competencies.

Learning from Failures

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Failures are an essential part of successful experiences. Take the example of Thomas Edison who invented many devices, including the light bulb, carbon telephone transmitter, phonograph, electric power distribution, motion picture kinetoscope, and fluoroscopy. To invent the light bulb, Edison made literally thousands of attempts until he succeeded. Edison was up to the challenge; he kept trying regardless of the numerous obstacles he encountered. Edison was able to learn from every failure, accumulating the necessary knowledge that led him to one of the world’s greatest inventions. So, if you fail at something, look at the positive side and see what you might have learned from it.

Taking Reasonable Risks

Taking Reasonable Risks

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Everyone has limitless opportunities to try new things every day. Whether you tried a different restaurant, visited an unusual place, or listened to your friend’s favorite type of music, this could be a clever way to develop a challenge mindset and step outside your comfort zone. People are less likely to change their lifestyle and lifelong habits. Since change is usually linked to uncertainty, most people would rather play safe and stick to what they have. Nonetheless, avoiding risks can limit your potential for growth. By taking reasonable risks, you may develop new skills and boost your self confidence. Remember, life isn’t always about simple and predictable things. To achieve your dreams, you’ll have to work hard and take some risks.

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