Stop Comparing Your Life To Someone’s Highlight Reels


Unhealthy comparisons only lower your self-esteem

Unhealthy comparisons only lower your self-esteem© ru.telegram

If you usually compare yourself to someone else and compete with them, you are likely to be unhappy and insecure. This negative habit is fueled by the use of internet and social media platforms, since everyone shares the highlight reels of their lives with other people.

What is a highlight reel?

compare your life

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When you compare your life to that of your friends, colleagues or even celebrities, it’s easy to see how happy they feel, how fancy their homes are, and how wonderful their love life is.

The question is: are they sharing their actual life on social media?

Most are not! It’s usually just highlight reels, just the positive moments of their lives. Of course, it’s totally fine to share those moments with other people, but this can turn into something destructive.

Some people may be pushed to create a perfect version of their lives to share it on social media and enjoy all the gratifications and compliments. However, it’s important to know that everyone has issues, experiences failure, and has flaws and bad habits.

Whoever you are, and no matter what you do, you have certain issues, just like anybody else. Self-doubt, pessimism and fallibility are human. So, don’t restrict your whole life to that limited view of someone else’s life. Instead, here are three healthier things you can do.

Compare yourself to yourself:

Compare yourself to yourself

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You will always see people who have nicer things than you, or are better than you at a particular thing.

So, if you are going to compare, why don’t you do it a smarter way, a way that won’t make you feel jealous or inferior. Compare yourself to yourself, the way you were just a few years back, and how long you have come. Consider the obstacles you have overcome, the valuable lessons you have learned and how much you have grown.

This can help raise your self-esteem and boost your confidence. It will also allow you to see a much better version of yourself.

Direct your time and energy towards the things that matter the most:

Direct your time and energy towards the things that matter the most

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Invest your time and energy in something will make you a better and happier person.

For instance, work on being someone more optimistic, more successful and more helpful. Or, you can look for an idea to make more money and reduce your financial concerns.

If you feel that your social media accounts are holding you back or reducing your self-esteem, you can unsubscribe or delete them, if you need to – even if these things are entertaining you now.

Remember that life is not a highlight reel. So, focus on things that really matter, and don’t compare your life to any particular moment of someone’s life.

This will make you happier!



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