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Try these simple tricks to be happy

Try these simple tricks to be happy© cf-source.onedio

Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness seems so elusive for the rich and the poor alike. Probably because finding joy, satisfaction and a sense of life, even when you encounter the harshest situations, is difficult to achieve.

Studies reveal that happiness positively affects your physical and mental health. Sure, nobody is jolly or elated all the time, but some are more satisfied than others. Here is the magic happiness formula:

Think positively:

Think positively

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Positive thinking is the first step towards happiness. Focusing on positive thoughts and working on goals can help make your mind and body in harmony. As a matter of fact, when you consider your present experiences in the present without any judgments, you grow more tolerant and understanding with yourself and others.

To elucidate your mind and avoid gloomy thoughts, practice meditation exercises, with the inclusion of a peaceful prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, or spiritual reflection. Indeed, this can positively impact an area of your brain called Insula, which is part of your feeling of empathy towards others. Also, try to appreciate every moment and make it memorable!

Break away of your comfort zone:

Break away of your comfort zone© yogaholism

No matter how hard you try, you can’t help but fall prey to the hedonic treadmill. Studies show that conquering your comfort zone and taking risks can boost your self-confidence and your personal growth.

Even if you go too far from your comfort zone and plummet, seek the positive things in your experiences. Positivity and optimism do not only boost your happiness, but your physical health and immune system as well.

It’s okay to fail, but you should never give up. Accept difficult experiences and embrace them as new learning opportunities. Don’t let obstacles take your happiness from you. Cultivate optimism and be grateful for the things you have.

Set meaningful goals for yourself:

Set meaningful goals for yourself

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Determine your core values, your priorities, and your objectives. Studies show that people who achieve their goals are more likely to be happy. However, you should be realistic. For instance, if you want to be a professional basketball player while you are 5 feet tall – not going to happen! This does not mean you have to restrict your goals and dreams; you just know your capabilities and situation when making plans for the future.

Now that you’ve set your goals, it’s time to take action. Again, set goals that you can achieve. Work towards them instead of waiting for them to “magically” happen.

Focus on positive relationships, not things:

Focus on positive relationships, not things

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A new iPhone or a fancy car will not offer you long-term happiness. Actually, research suggests that people who are oriented towards material things are trying to compensate for the lack of fulfillment in their lives. Materialistic people are often less happy than people who cherish the relationships and experiences they have.

While appreciating and enjoying what you have is totally OK, materialistic things won’t bring you joy. On the contrary, they may increase your chances of feeling sad or fearful. Of course, you need money to secure your basic needs. However, happiness is not significantly affected by the amount of money you own.

Interact with others:

Interact with others

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Having a close relationship with your family increases your likelihood of being happy. Likewise, making new friends and engaging in deep conversations can increase your happiness.

If your job requires you to move away from your family and friends. Rest assured that salary increases will not make it up to you. Yet, if you can’t move closer to your loved ones, maintain regular communication. Mobile phone apps, like Skype, allow you to get in touch with the people you hold so dear, even if they reside in a another country

Finally, try to be compassionate and kind towards people in need. A study states that people feel happier when getting something for other people than for themselves.

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