Important Tips To Regain Your Self-Confidence When Life Gets Harsh


Here’s how you can believe in yourself after meeting with failure

Here’s how you can believe in yourself after meeting with failure

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Everyone strives to achieve success, and self-confidence is the first step towards it. As the law of attraction stipulates, a strong inner faith has the power to attract external results.
When you encounter failure, fear and hardships, self-doubt is likely to settle in. However, you should always remember that failure can be a strong impetus that fuels your self-confidence and personal evolution. Here are ways to believe in yourself when tough hurdles meet your path:

Accept your current situation:

Accept your current situation

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Most of the self-doubt that’s filling your soul and holding you back from your most desired dreams comes from denial. When you don’t accept your current life situation and admit your failures and mistakes, you will lack the confidence to move on.

So, you need to make a truce with how your life appears at the current moment, and what the causes of the present situation you fall into are.

Denying and ignoring the situation will not help. Therefore, you should learn to accept your mistakes or failures, and have the courage and willingness to change your life and achieve success.

Recall your previous achievements:

Recall your previous achievements

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If you feel disappointed or frustrated, use your past successes to regain motivation and believe in yourself again. Remember the times when you used to be successful, when you were awesome, and used to slay it! Visualize yourself in that past again and think about any positive achievement you used to make.

Now, trust that you can reiterate the past, in a whole new, successful way. Of course, it’s not easy to overlook the times when you feel hurt or depressed, but you should also think about the times when you were successful. This should boost your motivation and self-esteem.

Trust yourself:

Trust yourself

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To restore your self-motivation and self-confidence, use the last ounce of energy, power, courage and strength you have left to stand back on your feet.

One way has proven the most effective is to spend more time with yourself, either through meditation, yoga, journal writing, or activities that help you trust yourself again.

It’s important to talk to yourself and motivate yourself to increase your self-confidence. Know that your destiny is in your hands. So, you don’t have to seek other’s validation, you deserve your own self-approval and support. If you trust that you can do something, you will do it.

Overcome your fears:

Overcome your fears

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Fear is probably one of the strongest things that hold you back from believing in yourself. Basically, fear stands for false evidence that appears real. So, it’s really just in your head, and once you conquer your fears and break out of your comfort zone, you will discover your new limits.

  • Don’t let your concerns stop you from achieving your goals.
  • Try to forgive yourself for any mistakes or failures you have done in the past to be able to move on.
  • Look forward to the future and stop living in the past.
  • Be compassionate towards the others so you can be more compassionate with yourself.

Adopt a positive attitude towards life:

Adopt a positive attitude towards life

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Adopting a positive attitude towards life in general, and negative events in particular can help you believe in yourself more and enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will be OK no matter what life brings.

Learn to appreciate the smallest things in life, like the shadow of a tree, or the sound of beach waves. Be grateful for who you are and whatever you have. See life through a positive lens and enjoy the good things in life.

Engage in positive self-talk and motivate yourself in the third person. Also, fill your mind with positive thoughts and remember, happiness is a choice, not a destination.



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