Five Secrets to Happiness Nobody Knows


Want to lead a happy life? Stop ruining your life with these habits

Five Secrets to Happiness Nobody Knows

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Everyone has their own perception of happiness. However, neurologists and psychologists assert that even the small things can either improve or lower your quality of life. Therefore, spare a thought for these top five habits you need to steer clear of:

Sedentary lifestyle:

Sedentary lifestyle:

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At home, work or restaurants, we tend to sit a lot and lack physical activity. If you often use your car or other means of transport to get to near places, or a couch potato who lays around watching TV for the whole weekend, I’m sure you can relate. Of course, it’s good to relax your brain and body for a while, but remember that the low movement decreases the level of endorphins and other happiness hormones. For this reason, a 30 minute walk or 2 workout sessions per week are sufficient to make you as happy and energetic as ever, regardless of what life brings.

Staying indoors:

Staying indoors

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Working from home is not exactly what most people prefer. Besides being monotonous and tedious, it deprives you of the opportunity to meet your coworkers and build rapport with new people. As it turns out, even the places we usually like to go to, including cinemas, restaurants and other closed spaces are not enough to make life enjoyable either. On the other hand, if you spend more time outdoors, having an excursion in a new place for instance, your happiness and self-esteem will soar. This is what psychologists call “adventure therapy”. Irrespective of the place you’re going to, you’ll feel a lot happier.

Not living the moment:

Not living the moment

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It’s not what we do that matters, it’s how we do it. More often than not, we burden our minds and souls with past events, daydreams or regrets, which prevents from living the moment and enjoying it. Hence, try to have some quality time with yourself and forget about your worries and fears. This will allow you to enjoy interesting and joyful moments every day.

Due to the fast-paced modern life we live in, we’ve become perfect consumers. In order to give your life meaning, you should give and not only take. Even the smallest gestures of kindness make us fulfilled and satisfied. Write a note to your friends, buy presents for them, volunteer and help people in need. These small things will make you feel significant and part of something bigger.

Isolation from others:

Not living the moment

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As human beings, our social nature compels us to co-exist and interact with others. But we don’t give due attention to this particular point. To be truly happy, you need to feel connected to other people, apart from your family, friends and relatives.

Nowadays, acting aloof and burying our heads in smartphones are becoming not only an ordinary but a natural scene. According to studies, feeling a sense of belongingness and connectedness to other people combats different diseases, reduces stress and boosts self-confidence. It could be a football team, a game club or otherwise, the bottom line is, you need to belong to a larger group.

Lack of creativity:

Lack of creativity

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Creativity is an important quality that entails clear thinking and fertile imagination. Actually, it is proven that the process of creation wards off stress, lightens the mood and reduces depression. Bear in mind that creativity is not restricted to singing and painting. It involves anything that frees the reins to your imagination and employs your personal approach, like planting flowers, painting the colors of your walls, carrying out house chores. These small things are capable of clearing your mind and replacing negative thoughts with things that are actually helpful and productive.

Happiness is not a goal per se, it is rather a way of life. It is an amalgam of the small things you live at any given moment of your life. Life is too short to be unhappy, so live it to the fullest!

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