Common Practices That Ruin Your Mental Health


Avoid these bad habits to preserve your mental health

bad habit

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Your mental health is as important as your physical one. It could be even more important since suffering from mental disorder could result in various physical issues. Here are the most common mistakes that harm your mental health:

You slouch when you walk:

You slouch when you walk

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It may come as a surprise that the way you feel affects the way you walk. Interestingly, the opposite is correct as well. According to the journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry, people who walk with their shoulders slouched present with worse moods, compared to those who walk in a gracious way.

What’s even more interesting about this study is that participants who walked in this slouchy position recalled more negative thoughts. How depressing!
So, always lift your chin up and walk with your shoulders back, chest out and eyes looking straight ahead to keep depression and bad moods at bay.

You take pictures of everything:

You take pictures of everything

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If you are an Instagram addict, this section is for you! Capturing everything on camera could distort the way you remember these moments, a study published in the Psychological Science asserts.

In this study, subjects were asked to take a museum tour and observe some objects and snap pictures of others. The findings? They did not manage to remember the items they photographed compared to the ones they observed. That’s because the camera lens veils their sight without their notice, Diedra L. Clay, PsyD, chair and associate professor of the counseling and health psychology department at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Wash, confirms.

So, if you need to take a picture, focus on the object rather than the camera. Or better yet, try to enjoy the moment and the beauty you’re beholding.

You don’t exercise:

You don’t exercise

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A new study published in the JAMA Psychiatry Journal reveals that being more active three times a week increases your chances of developing depression by 19%. After following up on more than 11,000 people born in 1958 until the age of 50, and recording depressive bouts and levels of physical activity at regular intervals, researchers of university college London discovered a strong link between physical activity and depression.

Actually, inactivity makes you more prone to depressive episodes, and your depression risk reduces by 6% every time you are active. So, make sure you walk to work, or climb the stair from time to time.

You take life too seriously:

You take life too seriously

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Occasionally, you might trip, slip, stumble, and fall on the sidewalk. When this happens, most people flush with embarrassed instead of laughing it off.

If you are this kind of person, try to find ways to enjoy life and laugh more. Research suggests that laughter has a beneficial impact on your physical and mental health alike. Laughter is the most effective medicine for anxiety and depression.

Find humor in everything, watch funny movies, attend standup comedy shows, or spend time with friends who make you laugh. You could also try volunteer work with children, they can fill you with immense joy.

You’re in a toxic relationship:

You’re in a toxic relationship

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You should be well aware that some of the negativity and depression that overwhelm your soul may arise from your partner. Many people refuse to admit that anxiety and self-doubt could stem from a toxic relationship.

If your partner lowers your self-esteem, feed destructive thoughts like you lack competence or are so full of yourself, it might be time to end this unhealthy relationship. Talk to a family member, a close friend or someone you trust beforehand to avoid a lifetime of regret.
Sometimes, it takes long years for people to realize that their depression and anxiety come from their abusive partner.

Are you guilty of any of these things?


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