5 reasons why you may be unhappy


Feeling sad? These might be the causes

You worry too much

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Many people crave joy and happiness in their lives. Of course, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders may be behind this dark emotional state. But there are other factors that may feed your gloomy, bleak perception of life.

You worry too much:

You worry too much:

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Constant anguish and worry wreak havoc on your physical and psychological state. Plus, these detrimental feelings thrust you in an internal turmoil. When your mind is aimlessly thinking and worrying about everything and anything, you will not be able to take action. On the contrary, this clouds your sound, clear thinking and prevents you from making any changes that might suppress any potential negative consequences!

For this reason, it’s better to channel your time and energy into the things you have control over, and forget about the things you can’t change or make. By worrying less, you will learn to take life as it is, and enjoy every moment!

You bear grudges for long:

You bear grudges for long


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Having a great hostility against someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. As a matter of fact, carrying this load of negative energy could only harm you

Of course, it is hard to forgive or forget about things that shatter your heart into pieces, but you have to let things go, for your own good. Remember that the person who hurt you may be having a great life without even thinking about you for a fraction of a second. Meanwhile, you waste your life thinking about the past and sending them death waves with your mind.

You compare yourself to others:

You compare yourself to others

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Most people are guilty of this one! Taking one aspect of another person’s life and applying it to your life to make irrational comparisons is a plain bad idea. For instance, you may compare yourself to a famous athlete when you come from different galaxies.

You are much more than a single brilliant portion of another person’s life. You have a greater value that you should see in yourself. If you can’t quit this bad habit, try to compare your current self with your past self- are you a better person than you were before?

You are materialistic:

You are materialistic

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Nobody says money is unimportant! On the contrary, it’s a crucial asset in life, but it’s not what makes you happy. Let’s imagine you have one last day on this earth and you’ll be gone, would you care about making more money? Or spending time with your family and making unforgettable life experiences?

Bear in mind that most things that bring long-term contentment and satisfaction cannot be bought. So, try to find joy and fulfillment in simple things and appreciate the small things in life. Also, don’t attach your happiness to dreams which may or may not come true. Thinking about envisioned future successes are important to stay motivated, but they should not be the only thing that creates happiness. Enjoy the present and forget about the future.

You are perfectionist:


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Perfectionism can be divided into three main categories: self-perfectionism, where you expect perfection from yourself. Social perfectionism, where others expect you to be perfect, and other perfectionism, where you expect others to be perfect. When it comes to happiness, all three categories will not help.

Be realistic, nobody’s perfect. Don’t be afraid to fail. Some people are too scared to make mistakes that they don’t even try. If we embraced this mindset when we were learning to walk, we’d probably be still crawling. Adopting this unhealthy thinking makes you miss out on several things in life, which will create dissatisfaction.


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